Poverty and Minimum Wage

Poverty and Minimum Wage

Nearly 20 percent of Butler County’s children are living in poverty. Nearly half of the students here qualify for free and reduced-price school lunches, according to the Ohio Dept of Education.

An adequate minimum wage will help the families of these children. The average Ohioan earns less than the average American worker. The willingness to work isn’t the problem, it’s that the work itself pays too little to support the worker, let alone his or her family. Too many jobs are low-paying and offer little to no benefits. 

Living wages help families survive, and encourage the unemployed to work. When you look at the ten states with the highest minimum wages in the country, they all have strong economies. Ohio isn’t one of them. Our economy suffers when people can’t earn a wage they can survive on.

If you work hard, you ought to be able to get ahead and you shouldn’t have to be on food stamps. We need an economy that works for all Ohioans.

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