Opioids and Addiction

Opioids and Addiction

Any family (including mine) that’s lost someone to addiction or a drug overdose knows the truth that addiction is not a lack of willpower. It is an illness that’s very hard, but not impossible, to treat successfully.

Every addiction story is unique, but there’s often a common thread. Painkillers, usually prescribed after surgery, are highly addictive and expensive, so people turn to heroin, which is cheaper. Today heroin is frequently laced with fentanyl which, when used on the streets, leads to death. 

Drug overdoses are now the leading cause of death in the country for people under 50. Butler County is one of the most impacted counties in Ohio.

Opioid addiction cuts across all demographics: race, gender, and income level. Addiction doesn’t care how much money you have in your bank account. Neither should treatment.

I am committed to working to provide more access to detoxification centers, and more long-term maintenance treatment to help prevent relapses. It’s important to remember that addiction doesn’t just affect the individual – there’s fallout for family members and the community. I know this first-hand, and am fully committed to making sure family members know where they can find help.

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