I am concerned about the state of education in Ohio.  We have declined in rank from No. 5 in 2010 to No. 24 in 2019. People want to live in a state with quality educational opportunities for their children, regardless of their zip code. Investing in quality schools will actually attract businesses, and their employees, to want to live in a state like ours.

Ohio’s current leaders have passed legislation that is hurting public schools. While I believe parents should have choice in where they send their kids to school, I do not support sending public tax money to private schools that are not held to the same ineffective report card standards as public schools. If the money goes to a private school, it should be evaluated the same as a public school.

I support more investment in pre-kindergarten services and protecting the funding for students facing developmental disabilities and who need special education services.

College has become unaffordable for too many. I believe that for college, Ohio needs to expand its need-based tuition program, and ensure that it is based on grants, not loans. We should also invest in apprenticeship programs and job training. 

Other Issues