Economic Growth

Economic Growth

Overall, Ohio’s economy is lagging. Our leaders have promoted a “business first” agenda, but people are leaving the state. Something’s not working. We need an economy that works for everyone. 

I believe both business owners and Ohio’s workers can see REAL economic growth. That means opportunity and prosperity for everyone who wants to work for it. That means more jobs that pay well that families can live on. 

My family is a small business family. I understand how hard it is to operate a small business in a complicated tax system. We live it every day. I want to focus on Ohio’s small businesses where most Ohio workers are employed. Small businesses need to be able to afford health insurance for their employees. They need to be free of unnecessary and duplicate regulations. Let’s make it easier for businesses to get financing and other resources they need.

Public transportation and infrastructure drive economic growth and prosperity. Ohio underinvests in both. More public transportation options will help more people get to work and maintain their independence. Investment in infrastructure puts people to work and grows the economy.

It’s time we start harnessing the job growth opportunities that can come from clean energy. Let’s invest in renewable energy, which both provides good jobs and helps us have clean air and clean water. It can also be an important revenue stream for the state.

I will continue to be a proud supporter of teachers, firefighters, police officers and all other hard-working members of labor unions. They are a vital part of a healthy, growing economy.

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