Economic Growth

Economic Growth

Ohio’s economy was lagging even before the pandemic began. Now we need to contain the virus to allow our economy to recover. The Ohio governor has provided responsible leadership, though many have fought him every step of the way. A priority has to be to responsibly open our schools, to protect children’s education and protect educators. Distance learning can be an option for those who want it. The economy cannot fully recover until schools are open and parents are able to completely return to work. We also need to ensure that there are adequate childcare options available. 

My family is a small business family. This has hurt us too. We live it every day. When this crisis is finally over, small businesses will still face the same challenges they did before it started. They need to be able to afford health insurance for their employees. They need to be free of unnecessary and duplicate regulations. Let’s make it easier for businesses and entrepreneurs to get financing and other resources they need. 

I believe both business owners and Ohio’s workers can see REAL economic growth again, with good jobs that pay well. That means opportunity and prosperity for everyone who wants to work for it.

Keys to economic growth include strong programs in job training and workforce development, and investing in broadband and technology infrastructure that all Ohioans can access.   

We’ll need to rebuild the funds in our unemployment system, which was already in bad shape before the pandemic began.

It’s time we start harnessing the job growth opportunities that can come from clean energy. Let’s invest in renewable energy, which both provides good jobs and helps us have clean air and clean water. It can also be an important revenue stream for the state.

I will continue to be a proud supporter of teachers, firefighters, police officers and all other hard-working members of labor unions. They are a vital part of a healthy, growing economy.

Poverty and Minimum Wage

Nearly 20 percent of Butler County’s children are living in poverty. Nearly half of the students here qualify for free and reduced-price school lunches, according to the Ohio Dept of Education.

An adequate minimum wage will help the families of these children. The average Ohioan earns less than the average American worker. The willingness to work isn’t the problem, it’s that the work itself pays too little to support the worker, let alone his or her family. Too many jobs are low-paying and offer little to no benefits. 

Living wages help families survive and encourage the unemployed to work. When you look at the ten states with the highest minimum wages in the country, they all had strong economies. Ohio isn’t one of them. Our economy suffers when people can’t earn a wage they can survive on.

If you work hard, you ought to be able to get ahead and you shouldn’t have to be on food stamps. We need an economy that works for all Ohioans.

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