Get The Facts

Most of us are tired of politics as usual and of politicians engage in false and misleading attacks against their opponents in the closing days of a campaign. Unfortunately, my opponent is doing exactly that.

Butler County voters deserve a campaign focused on the issues, like creating good, sustainable jobs for Ohio workers, providing affordable health care for families, and making sure every child, regardless of zip code, has access to quality education that prepares him or her for 21st Century jobs.

Here’s the truth:

Claim: “Wyenandt failed to follow the law”; As a local official, Kathy Wyenandt was supposed to take care of our tax dollars for a regional transit system. But during her tenure on the Board overseeing the system, she was cited TWICE during a state audit for failure to follow the law.” 


No, the State Auditor has never found that Kathy, or any Board she’s on, mismanaged public money.  No, the State Auditor has never found that Kathy has ever “violated the law.”  These are blatant lies. Kathy has never been part of any organization in which the State Auditor has made a finding of recovery because public money was mismanaged.  Or that money itself was mismanaged. The issue the State Auditor found was that SORTA had reported funds were transferred to its payroll company on December 31st, but in reality, the payroll company didn’t actually pay employees until January 3rd.  That is NOT fiscal mismanagement.  The State Auditor never used that term.  Instead, the State Auditor found that the Board had already corrected the entries and undertaken changes to prevent even these minor accounting issues from occurring again. 

Claim: “Wyenandt pushed massive tax hikes on our families. Kathy Wyenandt has a long history of supporting tax increases on families in Butler County and in southwest Ohio. She’s been on record supporting multiple property tax increases and the area’s sales tax, costing you more of your hard-earned money.”


Lang attacks Kathy over levies that voters approved.  Levies that may not have been necessary if our current legislators had the courage to fight against state funding cuts. For decades, Ohio has been drastically underfunding public education, public safety, public health, and public transit. 

Yes, Kathy has supported funding public education and public transit as these are vital investments into building a stronger economy. We need to make change at the state level so that we don’t have to fight for more levies. 

Voters deserve the truth.  It is unfortunate that Lang is choosing instead to lie to them with false and misleading attacks that have nothing to do with Kathy’s record or what she would do as State Senator.  It’s time we put PEOPLE OVER POLITICS.