About Kathy

About Kathy

Let’s face it, folks. Lawmakers in Columbus don’t have our backs.

Kathy and her family

I’m Kathy Wyenandt (pronounced ‘why-nent’) and I’m running for Ohio State Senator for District 4 (Butler County). I’m a native Ohioan, Miami University graduate, and my husband Jim and I are the parents of four children. We own a small business in the logistics/supply chain industry, and I have been an active community volunteer for many years. I currently serve on the board at the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority (SORTA) and on the parent district council in Lakota School District.

In 2011, a third Lakota School levy in a row failed at the ballot box. This was devastating. Families not only had to pay $500 for our kids to play sports, but we lost a lot of great teachers to job cuts and saw our curriculum suffer. Ours was one of hundreds of school district families who lost busing. To this day, we still have to drive our kids to and from school.

In 2013, I became part of the team responsible to pass the next attempt at a school levy. I learned that year about Ohio’s inadequate and unconstitutional school funding model, which over-relies on property taxes, and sets up inherent inequities between districts. This funding model was first declared unconstitutional in 1997 (23 years ago!), and we’re still waiting on a fix from the state legislature.

Let’s face it: Ohio’s supermajority party, which has been in power for more than a decade, puts itself first, not the needs of the people.

As your new state senator, I pledge to put people over politics. With ethical, energetic leaders, we can fix our broken school funding model and create a system that is more equitable and adequate and doesn’t overburden homeowners.

We can create good jobs that will support a family even as they ensure a cleaner environment. We can bolster our job retraining programs for those out of work and strengthen our state unemployment benefits fund so we’re prepared for the next economic downturn.

We can make sure insurance companies don’t drive our personal healthcare decisions. That’s for us and our doctors to decide.

Now we face unprecedented unemployment because of the pandemic. Almost one in seven workers are out of a job, and we have a rising movement nationwide for social change and racial justice.

Instead of helping families and businesses, they cater to extreme and corporate interests. The biggest example is the $61 million bribery scandal involving former Speaker of the House Larry Householder, who was arrested in July along with four others in our supermajority party in conjunction with an FBI investigation on the passage of HB6, Ohio’s nuclear energy bailout law.

Although Householder was forced to resign his Speaker seat, he still remains as a state representative. Are you surprised?

We can win in November because Butler County is ready for change. We saw that in 2018, when we ran the most competitive partisan race Butler County has seen in decades.

Because people are tired of career politicians who are in the political game for themselves. Because we believe senators should represent our values and not a party. And because we believe building a broad coalition between both political parties will get positive results. 

Ohioans need common-sense, moderate leadership to protect our freedoms and expand our opportunities.

I’m on your side, working for you. I invite you to explore our website and learn about issues important to Ohioans on our News page. We’d love to have your support as a volunteer and donor, too.

Most importantly, please vote for me, Kathy Wyenandt, for Ohio State Senate, District 4.